I’m a writer and photographer based in Boston.
As an academic philosopher, I’ve authored about a dozen papers and reviews, which have been published in The Philosophical Quarterly, the Journal of Social Philosophy, Hypatia, and other scholarly journals and edited books. I’ve also taught philosophy at the University of Utah, Marquette University, and the University of Colorado Boulder.
Most of my academic work is in the areas of moral and political philosophy–most recently, animal liberation theory. The philosophy of human-animal relations has taken an important turn, shifting from humans’ treatment of animals to structural oppression of animals. That shift was already occurring when I got into that field, but I hope that my work has helped to hasten and enrich it.
Right now I’m making the transition from professor to full-time street photographer. It’s an opportunity to pursue some of my interests beyond philosophy, and to reach audiences beyond those few who have access to paywalled academic journals. Writers and artists, after all, want to reach people.